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Casa vacanze a Porto San Paolo
Appartamento con giardino Murta Maria
Casa vacanze a Murta Maria


Our apartments and holiday homes are located in the area of Olbia, Murta Maria and Porto San Paolo, surrounded by beautiful beaches a few minutes from the city and places like San Teodoro.

Murta Maria

Murta Maria, a fraction of Olbia, in strong tourist and residential expansion, in summer it is a destination for many vacationers. Equipped with many services including restaurants, supermarkets, bars, tobaccos, parapharmacy, bus stop, schools and others again.

Support point for families and young people since it is a just 7 km from the city of Olbia and about 15/20 minutes from the tourist resorts of the fun like San Teodoro. Ideal for those who like to enjoy the holidays or live in a quiet area outside the chaos of the city, rich in beaches and coves, among the best known we find: Le Saline, Marina Maria, Bunte, Li Cuncheddi, Capo Ceraso and the renowned Porto Istana known for its sand white, crystalline water and the predominant island of Tavolara.

Porto San Paolo

Porto San Paolo can be reached in a few minutes from Olbia or Golfo Aranci. Starting from Olbia (seaport) you must follow the south direction SS125 (direction airport) to overcome Lido del Sol, Le Saline, Murta Maria and reach Porto San Paolo which is about 15 km from Olbia. Porto San Paolo is an excellent inhabited center and destination for many vacationers, equipped with police service, tourist medical service, ambulance service, general practice, and dentistry, pharmacy and drugstore, public schools, numerous supermarkets and useful shops, weekly markets, stop bus, various restaurants and bars, a magnificent religious center church “ San Paolo", where various functions take place.

The little port of Porto San Paolo is best positioned for various excursions to the island of Tavolara, a magnificent limestone prism that looms over the entire stretch of coastline. It is an island with two appendages, Spalmatore and Timone, placed at the end of the northern side that make up its natural landings. The tour around the island is spectacular and takes place among overhanging rocks that take particular shapes, like the rock of the Pope. At the Spalmatore it is possible to swim. On the Tavolara tour it is possible to reach the smaller and less famous island of Molara.

North of Porto San Paolo we find the tourist center of Costa Corallina, where there is a well-organized marina, inside a deep natural inlet. North of Porto San Paolo we find the tourist center of Costa Corallina, where there is a well-organized marina, inside little natural golf.

To the south of Porto San Paolo we find other beautiful locations and beaches such as Punta San Diego, Cala Finanza, Costa Dorada and Porto Taverna, the splendid Cala Brandichi, Lu Impostu and the renowned San Teodoro Tourist Center.

Capo Ceraso

Capo Ceraso, a granite promontory that extends over the Gulf of Olbia, represents the northern limit of the Tavolara Marine Protected Natural Area -Punta Coda Cavallo. Tourist place located in the municipality of Olbia, famous for its Mediterranean vegetation and its rocky beauties, it is the ideal destination for those who love to spend their holidays in absolute relaxation, surrounded by nature wild, rich in vegetation, granite rocks that frame the beaches of fine sand and crystal clear water, among the most famous beaches Punta Trofino, Capo Ceraso, Li Cuncheddi, Punta Ruja, Sos Passizzeddos e Portu Casu.


Olbia, province together with Tempio Pausania, a city in strong expansion rich in tourist settlements, it is equipped with infrastructures that make it one very important tourist pole for the whole island. Main economic center of Gallura, equipped with Port and Airport, large centers commercial and hospital services including the Giovanni Polo II the renowned Mater Olbia, formerly San Raffaele, purchased from Qatar foundation. Numerous beaches in the suburbs and hamlets of Olbia, including Pittulongu, Porto Rotondo, Portisco, Cugnana and south of Olbia between the fraction of Murta Maria the beaches of: Lido del Sole, Le Saline, Marina Maria, Bunte, Li Cuncheddi, Capo Ceraso, and Porto Istana.

La Sardegna

SARDEGNA: A emerald paradise dressed with white sands an island that take off the breath with their various colors. 

A traditional ancient true country how keeps their territory uncontaminated.

On the north eastern side of the island we find the most popular aria named Gallura. The Mediterranean typology describes the view full of granite rocks hugs the famous beaches and islands of Tavolara and archipelago of Maddalena.

The Gallura is the most renowned and loved tourist aria of the Sardegna. Costa Smeralda, Arzachena, Cugnana give up the life on the Gallura ‘s area with its pearl of luxury tourism of Porto Cervo .